Carlisle Fabric in White for Roman Square Yoke Surplice Patterns

Last week at Ecclesiastical Sewing, we updated everyone with the exciting news that our Roman Square Yoke Surplice Pattern is now available in an expanded size range. That is something… Read more Carlisle Fabric in White for Roman Square Yoke Surplice Patterns
November 15, 2018 by Carrie R

Advent Vestment Projects in the Studio

Blue – it is everywhere we look these days in the Ecclesiastical Sewing studio. Well, not quite. there is a bit of violet lurking on one of the workstations. And… Read more Advent Vestment Projects in the Studio

Square Yoke Surplice Pattern in Multiple Sizes

You ask and we try our best. We decided years ago when we first launched Ecclesiastical Sewing that a focus on our business would be to provide sewing patterns and… Read more Square Yoke Surplice Pattern in Multiple Sizes

The New Church Year Begins December 2, 2018

The New Church Year begins with the Penitential season of Advent on December 2, 2018. There are two main liturgical colors used for the season of Advent: they are blue and… Read more The New Church Year Begins December 2, 2018

Custom Made Slate Frames and Trestle Stands for Hand Embroidery

There is something so relaxing and enjoyable about doing hand embroidery. Having the correct tools to tackle a project properly makes the process that much better. Having a beautiful view… Read more Custom Made Slate Frames and Trestle Stands for Hand Embroidery

Sacristy Check List: 10 Things to Review for Fall

  As many parishioners return to their home churches after the summer months of travel and activities, fall is a perfect time to check the condition of vestments, altar linens, altar… Read more Sacristy Check List: 10 Things to Review for Fall

Concordia Theological Seminary Machine Embroidery Logo

At  Ecclesiastical Sewing, we have been working to create many new machine embroidery design and will try to get those introduced as quickly as possible. The embroidery designs will include symbols, logos, whitework designs, and seasonal designs. One of the new logo designs is shown above. The Concordia Theological Seminary Logo is now available as a machine embroidery file to download. The file is suitable for use on jackets, bags, banners, and tippets!  The size is 4″. Due to the detailed nature of the design, it does not translate as… Read more Concordia Theological Seminary Machine Embroidery Logo

Trestle Stands for Slate Frames

  Hand Embroidery Classes Many of us have enjoyed taking classes with the Royal School of Needlework and Hand and Lock in recent years.  The Royal School of Needlework and… Read more Trestle Stands for Slate Frames

Evangelists Vestments Collections to Celebrate the Feast of St. Matthew September 21

Feast of St. Matthew

September 21 marks the feast of St. Matthew in the Western church. Matthew is recognized as a Saint in the many church bodies, including the Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Eastern Orthodox, and Anglican churches. 
St Matthew Feast Day September 21 Ecclesiastical Sewing Saints holidays
St. Matthew was an Apostle of Christ. He is often depicted in Christian Art as one of the four living creatures from the Book of Revelation. His depiction is that of the Winged Man.
Today we share with you our special Priest stole created with the symbol of St. Matthew and the other Evangelists.
Evangelist Stole Priest Stole Priest vestments Ecclesiastical Sewing

Evangelist Vestment Collection

This special Pastor stole has detailed machine embroidery designs of the Winged Man for St. Matthew, the Lion of St. Mark, the Bull of St. Luke and the Eagle of St. John. 
While the photo shows the Evangelist vestments stitched on the Luther Rose Brocade, many of our other Religious fabrics would also be suitable for these pastor stoles and church vestments.
Which Evangelist design is your favorite?
Soli Deo Gloria 

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